The show in it's entirety is about Alice, a young girl who comes across obstacles and problems in life to which she doesn't know how to solve. Upon entering Wonderland through the Looking Glass, she finds that her friends are encountering a similar problem to her own. By the end of each episode, her friends solve their problem and she returns home and is able to solve her own problem there.


The show teaches children about lessons in life that we all wind up dealing with sooner or later - whether it be how to handle someone who's been copying off your own paper at school, fitting in with others, learning to be yourself, and even- yes- sexism.


The beauty of this show is, like all other exceptionally good children's shows, the children don't know that they're learning. The situations they are put in can also enable teenagers and yes, even adults, to be able to relate to the characters. The songs are really catchy, and the characters' antics are hilarious!


It's certainly a very memorable television series, and is one of those classic gems that have sadly been forgotten by the majority of the population nowadays, but is never forgotten by the children whose childhoods it has shaped.

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