Alice is your average, everyday, normal young girl ... or is she? In her room she has a mirror that allows her to step in and out of the wondrous world of Wonderland, whenever she pleases. There, her friends often have a similar problem that she's having in the real world, and by the end of her visit, she's figured out how to solve her problems as they did theirs.
She lives with her parents and her brother (whom we hear sometimes but never see) and her tiger-striped angora cat named Dinah.

Alice is played by actress Elisabeth Harnois

"Now I don't mean to sound critical, but how many things are you two gonna goof up in one day?"
Hatter- "Hmm ... is that a trick question?"

"It's so silly, Mr. Rabbit thought she really lost her voice some place. He and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are out looking all over for it!"

"Guess what Dinah? Dad said I can use the video camera to shoot my own home movie! And guess what my first movie's going to become? Dinah! A day in the life of a cat! That's right, Dinah! You're going to be a star! ... But 30 minutes of you sitting there isn't going to be very interesting ..."

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