Episode List

Adventures in Wonderland ran on until it completed a total of 100 episodes. Here you can view the list, most of which is currently unavailable to us via Youtube. If you own some of the episodes that are unavailable, everyone would seriously wholeheartedly appreciate if you found a way to get it onto Youtube. I, personally, wouldn't mind if it was recorded via camera-facing-TV-screen - as long as I can see and hear it, I'll be content. :)

The information of the episodes was borrowed from Wikipedia. I linked to the episodes that are available for viewing on Youtube, thanks to melpierson. Enjoy! :)

1. Herstory in the Making 

Alice lacks the confidence to write a story for a school assignment, so she enlists the help of her friends in Wonderland. Thinking that she’s gotten them to do her homework for her, she quickly discovers that, when other people do your work, it doesn’t always turn out the way you’d like.

2. Lip-Sunk 

The Queen is slated to give a speech at a royalty convention when she suddenly loses her voice. While the Wonderland characters literally scramble to look for her lost voice, Alice tries to convince them that it’s just an idiom and there’s no need to search.

3. Red Queen for a Day 

When Alice becomes Queen for a day, her royal decisions alienate her Wonderland friends, and she learns that being in charge also carries responsibility.

4. Objects d’Heart 

The Queen decides to take up sculpture as a hobby. Even though the Wonderland residents think her work is awful, they all compliment the Queen for her talents. Thinking that everyone loves her creations, she gives them away as gifts. Soon, unsightly statuary is popping up all over Wonderland. In the end, though, the work ends up in a pile of quicksand, and the Wonderland gang decides to say what they mean from that point on.

5. Arriverderci Aroma! 

The Queen orders perfume from The Royal Catalog at the same time the Hatter orders spray paint. Unfortunately, there is a mix-up of parcels. Alice and her friends learn a lesson about the value of reading directions.

6. The Bunny Flop

The Queen and the White Rabbit appear on “Lifestyles of the Royal and Famous,” but the live interview goes awry when the Rabbit, who was awake all night, has trouble keeping his eyes open and his mouth shut.

7. Pop Goes the Easel 

On the day the Queen’s official portrait is to be unveiled, the White Rabbit trips and puts his head through the canvas. All in Wonderland attempt to restore the painting.

8. Through the Looking Glasses 

The Cheshire Cat gives Rabbit a pair of rose-colored glasses and convinces him that they magically make everything beautiful. Eventually, everyone (but the Queen) realizes that the glasses were a hoax. They learn that it’s not how you look at things, but how you think about them that counts.

9. That’s All, Jokes! 

A practical-joke marathon sweeps through Wonderland, and soon everyone is obsessed with getting even. The potpourri of pranks finally stops when the Queen falls victim to a trick. As a result, Alice learns that, by “getting even,” a person sometimes get more than was expected.

10. Forget Me Knot

The Queen goes to “Professor Memory” to improve her memory, while the Rabbit goes all over Wonderland in search of the book in which he put the Queen’s theater tickets. Rabbit, Alice, and the Queen learn some new memory skills.

11. Boo, Who? 

The Queen thinks the palace is haunted when she spies a ghost wandering the halls. What’s worse, it appears the famished phantom is gobbling up the jelly beans meant for the Royal Jelly-Bean Counting Contest. The Queen orders the Rabbit to stand guard, but in reality there is no starved spook…merely a sleepwalking White Rabbit.

12. Double Your Bunny 

The White Rabbit’s identical cousin comes to Wonderland to look at vacation property. But Rabbit is unable to meet his cousin’s train, forcing this White Rabbit look-alike to wander Wonderland alone. Confusion and crabbiness abound when Wonderland’s residents don’t realize there’s a new bunny on the block.

13. Diary of a Mad Hatter/Keep It Under Your Hat 

The Mad Hatter finds his great-grandhatter’s diary, which contains clues to a hidden treasure. The ensuing treasure hunt leads Wonderland’s residents on a merry chase, but eventually the treasure is found. To everyone’s surprise, the treasure is a collection of -what else?-hats!

14. How the West Was Wonderland 

A rodeo is coming to Wonderland, and the Queen resolves to be “Queen of the Rodeo.” But, when she discovers that a rodeo queen has to ride a horse, she’s worried, because horses scare her. Her pride keeps her from admitting her fear, but Alice and the White Rabbit figure out her problem and provide her with a way to save face.

15. The Rules of the Game 

Alice gets a lesson in playing by the rules after several frustrating rounds of Miwok, a game in which the rules can be changed at any moment. The final straw comes when the Queen changes the rules after the game is over so that she, instead of the Tweedles, is declared the winner.

16. Something to Sneeze At 

The Mad Hatter suddenly becomes allergic to his best friend, the March Hare. But the March Hare is determined not to allow the Hatter’s sneeze to put the freeze on their friendship.

17. Off the Cuffs/Hare-Raising Magic

The March Hare’s magic act goes awry when his “Magic Handcuffs” fail to open. First the Queen, then half of Wonderland, get “tied up” -until the Hare finds the missing key.

18. Tooth or Consequences

The White Rabbit has a toothache that just won’t quit, but his fear of going to the dentist causes him to procrastinate.

19. The Wonderland Enquirer 

The Queen, annoyed with dull stories in the Wonderland daily paper, orders the editors (Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee) to print every juicy rumor they hear, whether the stories can be verified or not. The Queen loves the newspaper, until she becomes a victim of the rumor mill herself.

20. The Hatter Who Came to Dinner 

When the Hatter’s back goes out in the line of duty, the Queen and the Rabbit feel obliged to put him up until he’s better. The Hatter proceeds to take advantage of “the royal treatment,” until they find out he’s faking and call his bluff.

21. The Mirth of a Nation 

While attending her “Mirthday” party, the Queen bumps her funny bone and loses her sense of humor. When she subsequently decides to ban all laughter from Wonderland, her subjects get serious and plot to restore mirth to Her Majesty.

22. For Better or Verse

Rabbit gets rhymitis and is banned by the Queen until he gets rid of it. The irritating condition is passed all around Wonderland, until at last it hits the Queen, right when she needs the rhyming disease in order to beat the Duchess in a contest.

23. TechnoBunny 

With the White Rabbit on vacation, the Queen gets a temporary robot replacement to do his work. The robot is so efficient that it looks as if the White Rabbit may be out of work permanently…until the Queen’s failure to follow directions causes a surprising malfunction.

24. Party-Pooped

The Mad Hatter is annoyed with the March Hare’s chronic tardiness to the tea party. The resulting quarrel splits up the friends, and, in a fit of pique, the Hare throws his own party at exactly the Hatter’s teatime. When Wonderland’s residents find this two-party system too tiring (and too filling), they resolve to get the Hatter and the Hare back together.

25. Up and Anthem

When the Wonderland national anthem is deemed un-singable, the Queen decrees an anthem-writing contest to choose a new one. The White Rabbit, who authored the original anthem, is sure his song is perfect and refuses to write a new anthem. But the competition makes him realize that his song could stand a little improvement, so he decides to “change his tune.”

26. Pretzelmania 

It appears that the Rabbit has dropped the Queen’s diamond ring into the Hatter’s new pretzel machine…thereby baking it into one of the 100 pretzels. But which one? The Rabbit’s friends pig out on pretzels, hoping to find the ring before the Queen finds out about the whole silly mishap.

27. White Elephant Sale 

At a royal garage sale, the Queen unloads a (real) white elephant. In the hands of its new owners, however, the useless item is recycled into a whirlpool bath, a barbecue, and, finally, a prized art deco lamp sought after by none other than the Queen.

28. Rip-Roaring Rabbit Tales/Rabbit Without a Cause

The White Rabbit, who has become convinced his life lacks excitement, imagines himself in a series of storybook adventures. But, when he narrowly averts disaster with the Queen’s flower-vase collection, he decides that sometimes it’s best when excitement is only found in the pages of a book.

29. Happy Boo Boo Day 

The Queen tells the Rabbit she doesn’t want a birthday party this year, because her subjects always manage to goof it up. Despite the Queen’s wishes, Rabbit sets into motion plans for a surprise party, to prove that they can throw a successful party. Of course, the party gets goofed-up big time, but the Queen learns that “it’s the thought that counts.”

30. What Makes Rabbit Run/The Duchess Who Would Be Queen 

To prove how popular she is, the Queen decides to run for office in a Wonderland-wide election. She orders the reluctant White Rabbit to be her opponent, assuming it will just be for appearances. But the Rabbit’s popularity grows, and the Queen is forced to rethink her way of ruling Wonderland.

31. Friday the Umpteenth 

When Alice tells the Hatter and Hare about the superstition that Friday the 13th is bad luck, she unknowingly sets off a Wonderland panic. Fear of bad luck keeps Wonderland’s residents from enjoying themselves, until they realize that good luck is sometimes a matter of perspective.

32. Pizza De Resistance 

Disgusted with the quality of take-out pizza in Wonderland, the Queen dubs the White Rabbit “Royal Pizza Chef.” He doesn’t want the job, because it will force him to cook dinner on “pizza night,” his one night off. The resourceful bunny convinces the Queen to hold a contest instead and choose the Royal Pizza Chef from the entrants. Everyone's happy to participate-but in the end, the best pizza is made by none other than the Queen herself!

33. A Litter Help From My Friends

When keeping Wonderland litter-free becomes a bigger job than one bunny can handle, the White Rabbit enlists the help of all of Wonderland’s residents. The blustery weather seem for a moment to be helpful in blowing away trash-until all the loose litter lands right in the middle of the Wonderland picnic site.

34. Busy as a Spelling Bee 

The Queen is appalled at the bad spelling in thank-you notes from her subjects. When Alice explains that her school holds spelling bees every year as a way to help children improve their spelling, the Queen decides it is time to schedule Wonderland’s first spelling bee. Her homonym word choices, though, ensure that everyone loses-but Alice and her friends discover that everyone losing can be more fun than one person winning.

35. Hic-Hic Hooray

After volunteering to transport boxes of the Queen’s fragile new dinnerware, Tweedle Dum develops a severe…and tremulous…case of the hiccups. En route back to the palace, he solicits a wide and weird variety of Wonderland cures.

36. He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Hatter 

After indulging in too many of Granny Hatter’s cookies, the Mad Hatter is forced to go on a diet and exercise program. He tells the Hare to hide the offending cookies. When his resolve weakens, and he tries to find them again, the Mad Hatter unknowingly burns up the calories as he searches all over Wonderland for the hidden cookies.

37. Invasion of the Tweedle Snatchers

When the Cheshire Cat commandeers a remote-controlled toy flying saucer, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare think that Wonderland is being invaded from outer space. The Hatter and the Hare manage to get most of Wonderland in a panic, until finally, everyone discovers that there are no little green space invaders, just a big, purple, mischievous cat.

38. Bubble Trouble 

The Red Queen cuts costs at the palace by canceling the bottled water delivery and tapping Wonderland’s own underground spring. Armed with a book from the Caterpillar, the White Rabbit, newly-appointed water monitor, keeps the Wonderland residents from polluting the spring. But eventually, the Queen ignores her own example and pollutes the spring herself, learning a lesson about practicing what you preach.

39. The Bunny Who Would Be King 

Movie star Rabbit DeNiro is coming to Wonderland to see his brother, the White Rabbit, whom he think is the King. The White Rabbit’s friends help him ascend to the throne, and the charade seems to work…until the Queen returns.

40. Welcome Back Hatter 

The Hatter wins what appears to be a huge castle via a mail-order sweepstakes and prepares to move out of Wonderland. The Hare is sad that his best friend is leaving, but decides to hide his true feelings to avoid upsetting the Hatter.

41. Noses Off 

While trying to help Her Majesty come up with an original costume for an upcoming masquerade ball, the Hatter and Hare accidentally attach a ridiculous rubber nose to the Queen’s face, then can’t get it off. The Queen scrambles to get out of her predicament before that afternoon’s photo session with “Palace Beautiful” magazine. Note: Richard Kuhlman, the voice of The Cheshire Cat, is seen on screen as the reporter, Dirk Deadline.

42. This Bunny for Hire

The White Rabbit breaks one of the Queen’s vases, which he assumes his valuable crystal. Rather than tell the Queen what happened, he works nonstop, moonlighting to make enough money to buy a replacement-only to discover, too late, that the original vase was merely inexpensive glass.

43. All That Glitters/Forbidden Fruit 

Tweedle Dum ignores Caterpillar’s warnings and eats a dangerous new fruit that can make him stronger, but may also make him very sick. A bellyache results, and Tweedle Dum learns to heed future warnings.

44. Whose Carrots Are They, Anyway?

The Rabbit is proud of his carrot crop, and would like to invite his friends from Wonderland to a simple carrot-tasting party. However, many of the Rabbit’s friends proceed to turn his simple party into the biggest, glitziest event of the season.

45. Say It Again, Ma’am!

The Rabbit misunderstands a royal edict, but is too intimidated by the Queen to ask her to repeat herself. He enlists help from Wonderland’s other residents to deduce what the Queen meant, but comes to a conclusion that only adds to the confusion.

46. Lady and the Camp

The White Rabbit buys flowers for the Queen, only to find out that the blossoms are full of bugs. While the Hatter and the Hare de-bug the palace, the Queen camps out in the woods for the night and discovers that it’s too tough to rough it when you’re used to the soft life.

47. Gowns and Roses 

The Red Queen hears there is money to be made by putting her name on a clothing label, so she designs her own fashion line. When the model fails to arrive for the fashion show, the Queen is shocked to see Rabbit on the runway.

48. Dinner Fit for a Queen

When the Tweedles submit a tape to “Wonderland’s Silliest Home Videos,” the Red Queen’s dignity is destroyed. She attempts to reclaim it with a staged dinner party for “Royalty’s Favorite Home Videos.”

49. Toot-Toot-Tootsies, Goodbye

Cheshire Cat hoaxes the existence of the legendary monster “Big Tootsies,” fooling everybody but the Red Queen.

50. The Red Queen Crown Affair

When the Red Queen’s crown disappears, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare set out as private investigators to find it…which they do, underneath the Mad Hatter’s own hat!

51. Copy-Catter Hatter

The Mad Hatter’s reputation is at stake after his royal hat designs are copied by the rascally Copy-Catter Hatter. The Mad Hatter foils his plagiarizing cousin by leaving out a design that the Red Queen is sure to dislike.

52. Queen of the Beasts/The Greatest Story Never Sold

When the Red Queen decides her life lacks excitement, she becomes a wild wobear tamer. The Wonderland inhabitants are impressed, until they discover that the ferocious wild animal is a cute, cuddly wobear cub.

53. Vanity Hare

When the March Hare inadvertently helps the Queen solve her crossword puzzle, she bestows upon him the Smarty Pants Medal. Soon, the Hare gets too high an opinion of his own intelligence, until he finds out that being a smarty pants sometimes means being too big for your britches.

54. The Best Ears of Our Lives

When White Rabbit tires of being ignored, he tries to get attention by yelling and then by being silent. However, he discovers that the best way to make people curious about what you have to say is simply to speak softly.

55. Fiesta Time

When the Red Queen is invited to King Ricardo’s Fiesta, she balks because she can’t speak Spanish. The other put together a Wonderland Fiesta to teach Spanish to the Red Queen.

56. Hair’em Scare’em/The Girl With Green Hair

After the Mad Hatter send a bottle of his new shampoo to the Red Queen, he discovers that the shampoo has turned Alice’s hair green. The March Hare tries to retrieve the shampoo before the Queen uses it, while the Mad Hatter tries to restore Alice’s true hair color.

57. A Change of Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Alice is dismayed to discover the Red Queen has ordered her subjects to show their affection. Alice show the Red Queen the true meaning of the holiday.

58. On a Roll

The Mad Hatter’s cousin Hedda Hatter is coming for a visit. Hedda is differently abled, and, when she writes that the only drawback is “stairs,” the Wonderland gang thinks she means “stares,” so no one will look at poor Hedda.

59. The Grape Juice of Wrath

The White Rabbit spills grape juice on the Queen’s throne and enlists Wonderland’s other residents to help him remove the spot before the Queen returns from a day of picking blueberries. Their efforts are unsuccessful, to put it mildly. Finally, Rabbit tries to admit his mistake to the Queen, only to find that she doesn’t care, since she had planned to get the throne reupholstered anyway.

60. Homing Pigeons

After losing his house key for the umpteenth time, Hatter invents a house key homing device. Hoping to cash in on his invention, he stages a demonstration. He collects everyone’s house key on a key ring, and then has Alice hide it. Before Hatter can track it down, the Chesire Cat finds it, fancies it as a necklace, and disappears with it…leading all on a merry chase.

61. From Hare to Eternity

When the Red Queen saves the March Hare from quicksand, the March Hare carries out an annoying vow to protect her from all danger…until the Red Queen tricks the March Hare into “saving” her.

62. ChAlice in Wonderland

Hatter and Hare go on an archaeological dig and uncover a beautiful, ancient chalice. Rabbit intercepts the treasure on behalf of the Queen, only to discover a curse written on the bottom of the cup. The Chalice exchanges hands, as one coincidental accident after another occurs…until, finally, the curse is revealed to be not a curse at all.

63. Hippity Hoppity Hypnotist

The March Hare accidentally hypnotizes the Red Queen into acting like a chicken when the word “red” is spoken. The White Rabbit isn’t aware of this, until the Red Queen is about to go on Wonderland TV.

64. Christmas in Wonderland

Christmas is nearly ruined when the Red Queen hears about Alice’s “white” Christmas and decides she won’t be happy until she gets her own snowfall-which is impossible, as it never snows in Wonderland. It turns out that her happiest Christmas memories stemmed from the one holiday when she and her parents vacationed in a snowy cabin. Moved, the Wonderland gang tries to bring the Queen snow. It does not work, of course, but the Queen learns that the real meaning of Christmas is the joy of people being kind to each other. As soon as this lesson is learned, Wonderland's first-ever snowfall begins.

65. Day of the Iguanas

When the Red Queen banishes a fortune teller from the palace, the White Rabbit fears a retaliatory curse has turned Her Majesty into an iguana.

66. I Am the Walrus

Alice is depressed by the news that her school is getting a new principal; many kids have told her that this woman is very strict. She heads into Wonderland and finds a similar problem-everyone is panicking over the news that a walrus is moving in! They explain that they have been told to "Beware the Walrus" by "people who heard from people" that walruses are rude, smelly, and liars. The men appeal to the Queen to forbid the walrus's entrance, but she decides not to, telling everyone that the Wonderlanders are a "Friendly Bunch of Folks". The gang resolves to simply make the Walrus feel unwelcome. Meanwhile, Alice meets the mammal in question, and his invisible friend, Mr. Pinniped. The Walrus turns out to be very nice and nothing like the rumors suggested. After meeting Alice, the Walrus declares that"We're Happy to be Here"...but soon changes his tune when, at the Queen's party, he is treated badly by everyone else. The Queen and Alice turn the tables by making signs that forbid all people except walruses and their friends from the party. Realizing that they have been wrong, everyone gives the Walrus "A Wonderland Welcome". Alice returns home and decides that she will give the new principal a chance.

67. Weed Shall Overcome

The Red Queen’s plans for a new royal tennis court are delayed when the Walrus discovers a rare plant growing on the site. When it turns out that the little weed is actually the last of its kind, Wonderland’s residents band together to convince the reluctant Queen to save the poor plant from extinction. Their words fail to move her, until the Walrus reveals that the weed is actually a crucial part in a biological chain that protects the Queen's roses!

68. Deface in the Crowd

All of Wonderland’s residents are alarmed when a mysterious vandal begins defacing every available surface with graffiti. Attempts to catch the vandal fail, but, finally, he turns himself in when he realizes his attention-getting ploy is actually costing him dearly in lost friendships.

69. TV or Not TV?

Prospects for good attendance at the annual Wonderland spring picnic look bad when the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Tweedle Dum, and Tweedle Dee all begin watching television to the exclusion of everything else. They seem in danger of becoming true couch potatoes, until a cautionary nightmare jolts them off the sofa.

70. The Days of Vine and Roses

The Red Queen’s chances for having her palace make the cover of “Better Palaces and Gardens” magazine are jeopardized when some of Wonderland’s residents fail to follow the care instructions for an exotic plant. Soon the palace is completely overgrown by a massive tangle of vines.

71. The Clan of the Cavebunny

A simple spelunking expedition turns up the discovery of the year: a bunny frozen in a block of ice. It is really a prehistoric cavebunny? All of Wonderland will soon find out, because it suddenly comes to life.

72. Metaphor Monday

As all of Wonderland celebrates Metaphor Monday by preparing for the Metaphor Ball, a grand event in which everyone comes dressed as their favorite metaphor, the Tweedles become so consumed by sibling rivalry that they nearly let their inter-Tweedle competition ruin both of their chances to win the metaphor costume contest.

73. Game Shows People Play

After the Duchess ridicules the Red Queen’s use of adverbs, the Queen goes on the TV game show “Name That Adverb.” She does fine, until she takes a bath in the bonus round.

74. The Adventures of Spectacular Man

When a falling star gives the Mad Hatter super powers, he takes to the air as Spectacular Man, protector of Wonderland. The Red Queen is jealous of her new media rival, until he travels north by northwest to save her at the dedication of Mt. Wonderland.

75. For Hare Eyes Only

When the Mad Hatter gets caught peeking at the March Hare’s mail, Hare sets a trap by asking Hatter to pick up a tempting-to-open, but booby-trapped box. Two packages arrive, and Mad Hatter succumbs to temptation and opens one-but not the rigged parcel. Even so, the package turns out to be just as good at teaching Hatter a lesson about respecting people’s private property.

76. To Tear Is Human

When Alice rips her pants during a game of charades, the others kid her good-naturedly, then apologize when they realize that she doesn’t see the humor in the situation. All tip-toe around the crabby girl, until an even sillier mishap teaches Alice that the only way to get over being embarrassed is not to take herself so seriously.

77. Odd Woman Out

When Alice is prohibited from joining a Wonderland guys-only club called the Oddballs, she conspires with the Red Queen to fool the lodge brothers into changing their antiquated rules and admitting their first female member. Her manly disguise works, but Alice wants to be accepted as she is. The guys soon realize their mistake and vow to form a new club for everyone in Wonderland.

78. Time Warped

The Mad Hatter and the March Hare believe they have invented a real time machine and resolve to use the goofy gadget to “go back in time” to prevent the Red Queen from doing something they know “she’ll later regret.”

79. Give Ants a Chance

Due to his extreme fear of ants, the Walrus seems destined to go through life avoiding picnics. Wonderland’s other residents attempt to help him overcome his fear, but he finally realizes that, if he doesn’t want to lose out, he’ll have to decide on his own to stop letting ants bug him.

80. Card 54, Where Are You?

The Red Queen becomes obsessed with collecting “Famous Bunnies of Filmland” trading cards, particularly when card 54 eludes her and ends up in the hands of the Mad Hatter.

81. Your Cheatin’ Red Heart

The Red Queen, tired of losing every Boffo-Bingo tournament to her rival, the Duchess, gets desperate and cheats. Much to her surprise, her conscience kicks in, and she’s unable to savor her victory.

82. Wonderland: The Movie

Wonderland’s residents watch a documentary on the subject of friendship, featuring the rather rocky royal relationship between the Red Queen and the Duchess.

83. Bunny, Can You Spare a Dime?

When the Red Queen thinks her royal savings have bottomed out, she is forced to auction off some royal possessions, including the fabulous Hop Diamond. Unfortunately, she outbids everyone at her own auction, forcing her to borrow money from her royal rival, the Duchess.

84. The Royalty Trap

On the day the Red Queen is to be feted by the Royalty Hall of Fame, she accidentally locks herself in the royal tool shed. The Duchess seizes her chance to “help” the Queen by standing in for her at the ceremony-in hopes of grabbing all the attention that was meant for Her Majesty.

85. Just the Fax, Ma’am/Duchess Treat

With the annual fund-raiser for the Wonderland library on deck, the Red Queen is intent on upstaging the Duchess in the fashion department and finally getting her picture on the society page. In her eagerness to get the fashion scoop, the Red Queen learns that sometimes the faz can be confusing.

86. Take the Bunny and Run/Other People’s Bunny

The Red Queen learns just how nice it is to have a bunny around the house after recklessly losing White Rabbit in a bet to the Duchess. When she finds Rabbit is just as unhappy about the change of employers, the Queen makes plans to get the bunny back.

87. Gratitude Adjustment

The Red Queen cancels “Thanks-a-lot Day,” a day dedicated to gratitude, because she doesn’t see the point of the holiday. Wonderland’s residents try to help her understand what it means to be thankful, but it takes a call from her mom to finally get the ungrateful Queen to realize that even royal folks need to say “thank you” sometimes.

88. Pie Noon

When the pie-throwing bully from the March Hare’s high school day arrives at the Wonderland train station at high noon, the Hare panics, because none of his friends will stand with him against the bully.

89. Untwist of Fate

Wonderland is worried that Alice won’t be able to play Juliet in Shakespaw’s “Rabbit and Juliet” because she has come down with a bad case of “tongue twisters” and can only speak in silly phrases.

90. Queen’s Best Friend

The Cheshire Cat plays a trick on the Red Queen and leads her to believe that the stray dog she found can talk. The Queen, sure that a talking dog will bring her fame and fortune, books a spot on a TV program to showcase her talented terrier. But, to the Queen’s chagrin, the previously garrulous dog is a as quiet as a mouse once it’s on the air.

91. Purple Potato Eaters

When Wonderland’s residents get a whiff of a batch of purple potato pancakes the Walrus is eating, they want to try them. The complicated recipe, however, makes them reluctant to help make more batter. After the Cheshire Cat tricks them into helping prepare the pancakes in spite of themselves, they learn that working for something helps one to appreciate it.

92. The Queen Who Came in From the Cold

The Red Queen, crabby about all the anonymous letters in the paper complaining about her rash of newly imposed taxes, dons a disguise and goes undercover to root out the letter-writers. To her surprise, she ends up agreeing with the writers’ gripes, and must face the difficult task of admitting she is wrong.

93. The Color of Wobucks

When the White Rabbit gets bamboozled by a con man into spending the Red Queen’s money on a seed for a phony money tree, his friends try to help out by “planting” one of their own. When this scheme backfires, the Queen herself comes up with a plan to bamboozle the bamboozler.

94. Take My Tonsils

The Mad Hatter, tired of having sore throats, finally overcomes his fear and has his tonsils out. Judge Reinhold plays the doctor who performs the tonsillectomy on the Hatter.

95. The Sound and The Furry

After the crabby Red Queen orders an afternoon of silence, the March Hare’s hearing-impaired cousin, April Hare (Marlee Matlin), visits to teach everyone sign-language. A misunderstanding leads to the Queen banishing the cousin from Wonderland and nearly turning a deaf ear to her own mistake.

96. Hats Off to the King

After hearing the Mad Hatter perform a simple, down-to-earth song, the Tweedles arrange for him to compete on “Wonderland Star Hunt,” where Ed McMahon hosts the Best Male Singer Contest. Alas, the Hatter succumbs to all things “flashy, glitzy, and showbizzy,” and he makes a fool of himself on the show.

97. Those Tusks, Those Eyes

The Walrus gets roped into performing his old precision creampuff-throwing act, with the Red Queen as his assistant. He has become very nearsighted, however, since he last did his act. At first his vanity keeps him from wearing glasses, but, when it becomes clear that his choice is either to wear the glasses or make a spectacle of himself -and Her Majesty-he finally visits the eye doctor.

98. Bah, Hamburger

Tweedle Dum learns about good eating habits and the consequences of his obsession with eating junk food, when he is visited by the spirits of Nutrition Past, Present, and Future.

99. White Rabbits Can't Jump

O.J. Simpson helps the White Rabbit play basketball. (This episode was never aired)

100. A Wonderland Howl-oween

At the traditional nighttime Halloween picnic, the Wonderland residents try to outspook each other with scary stories.

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