The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is a tall lanky man who loves hats, tea, and the color purple. The resident inventor (whose inventions have the tendency to backfire)... Enjoys practical jokes and comedy, often joined in enthusiasm by his best friend Hare. His catchphrase, said at least once in every episode, is "How true that is." He lives at 1602 Teacup Terrace, but spends most of his time outside at his tea party table rather than in his home.

The Mad Hatter is played by actor John Hoffman

"How true that is ... of course my other half of mind tells me that disagreeing with the Queen would be a really chuckle-headed thing to do."

(at auction)
"And who's gonna be silly enough to buy these things if I keep raising the price?"

"But I didn't exercise - all I did was run all over Wonderland looking for cookies!"

"Once upon a time ... the end. Do you think Alice will notice that the story has no middle?"
Hare - "Probably."
"I suppose you're right. She's really much smarter than she looks."

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