Questionnaire For The Hare!

Mariah, who runs the myspace page, was lucky enough to get in contact with Reece Holland, who played the March Hare. She has kindly allowed me to post it here for all to see, but I'd appreciate it if you gave the myspace page a look, and if you've got a myspace, don't forget to add it!

Q: At the end of each episode Patrick Richwood, in the White Rabbit's voice, says that the show was filmed in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Was the show really filmed in Florida and not in Los Angeles?

A: We filmed 100 episodes and it took 1 1/2 years to do it. When the show first began we were actually shooting at the Universal lot in Florida. We were there for 6 months before moving to Los Angeles.

Q: How long did it take to rehearse the dance sequences?

A: We normally spent about 1 hour each day on songs and dances. We would go into the recording studio each week as well and that would take another 1-2 hours. You have to keep in mind that when you are doing as many episodes as we did, remembering all of the dances and lyrics got to be pretty easy (just like doing a soap opera). We did shoot 2 episodes a week, so that was 8 dance numbers and 8 songs but no one was in everything!!

Q: How long did it take to put on the March Hare makeup?

A: In the beginning, it took about 2 1/2 - 3 hours. They eventually got it down to about 1:15 (or so). It wasn't that bad. The only hard thing was at 5:00 in the morning having to apply cold, wet glue to your face. Not a pleasant experience. I'm just glad I wasn't the White Rabbit. His makeup took about 2-3 hours every day.

Q: Why was the show canceled?

A: We had done 100 episodes and that was all that Disney really needed to keep it running for a long time. I wish they had done more, but it was a decision that was really discussed with us.

Q: How did you come to audition for Wonderland?

A: I had a great agent and manager at the time and it sounded like a lot of fun.

Q: Did you appear without makeup in the episode "Hats Off to the King," when Hatter goes on Wonderland Star Hunt?

Some AIW fans were thinking this was you so I thought I'd ask.

A: In Hats Off to the King, that was Sam Harris (a Star Search winner) who appeared in the episode. Funny thing about Sam is that we both performed at Opryland USA in Nashville when we were younger. I would have loved for them to use me in another way during the shows, but it never happened (other than playing my mother). You should Google "Sam Harris" and check out his web site, it's pretty great.

Q: Do you still keep in contact with any of the other cast members?

A: Not really. I see them every so often, but I don't keep in touch like I should.

Q: All the actors had such great chemistry with each other which made it believable that you were all good friends. Did you all get along with each other off camera?

A: We all got along extremely well off camera; however, you need to keep in mind that we had 12 to 15 hour days shooting 2 episodes a week and when you were finished, you really wanted to see some new faces. We did hang out a lot in Florida as we were all put up in the same apartment complex.

Q: Why didn't you appear in the "Mirth of a Nation" episode, where the Queen loses her sense of humor?

A: During Mirth of a Nation, my father passed away in Nashville and I went home for 3 days. He had been suffering with prostate cancer for over 3 years. To keep it in mind, we did shoot 2 episodes a week and I was in the second one, although I couldn't tell you what it was. The cast, especially John Hoffman (the Hatter) was extremely helpful in getting me through the next few episodes.

Q: Since some actors had heavy and elaborate costumes, was the set kept at a cool temperature?

A: The set was FREEZING!!! I would guess that most of that was because of the White Rabbit. He had on such padding (with a built-in cooling system), but it didn't do much good. Most studios are also kept cool because of the cameras, etc.

Q: And finally, do you have any AIW memorabilia? Any cool photos I can talk you into sharing?

A: I really don't remember. I would have to look around to see what I have - it has been a long time since the show was on.

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