The Red Queen

The Red Queen is the queen of all of Wonderland. She's somewhat bossy and has a tough temperament, but deep down she has a good heart. Whatever she says, goes, and her assistant, the White Rabbit, is always quick to do her bidding. She loves to live her life lavishly and holds parties often and demands that the other Wonderlandians attend. She always gets steamed when it comes to the Duchess, a friend whom she grew up with. She's always trying to one-up the Duchess and gets really jealous when the Duchess does something she hadn't done before, or has something that she doesn't.

The Red Queen is played by actress Armelia McQueen

(after getting a musical number)
"Gee! If this is the kind of welcome I get after a shopping trip, just imagine what will happen when I come back from vacation!"

"My lunch?! How dare you feed me from a pet dish on the floor?!"
White Rabbit - *gasp* "Your Majesty!!"
"And since when do I eat mashed grapes and tree leaves??"

"Dear me, you are in a pretty pickle aren't you?"

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