The March Hare

The March Hare is best friends with the Hatter. He enjoys tea parties as well and seems to be the more logical of the two, though he does sometimes twist people's words around, take things literally (ex. jump in a lake, etc.) and talks in riddles. He of course, just like the Hatter, behaves as if what he says is completely normal and as if you are the crazy one. He doesn't live with the Hatter, as most people think - the backyard of his house can be seen in the episode "Something to Sneeze At."

The March Hare is played by actor Reece Holland

"When it comes to my mummy, I'm her one and only treasure!"

"Sorry, I'm out of the question answering business."

"Okay, so if I'm not a know-nothing I'm at least a know-very-little."

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